Thursday 18 September 2014

I Wrote By Candlelight This Morning

This morning, as well as last night the batteries seemed to be a bit too low for my comfort, so I did everything I could do to not waste power. I wrote by candlelight this morning. 

I really don’t want to be in a position with the slide-out, out and no power to bring it back in. I would then have to teach myself how to do it manually . . . in a hurry.

I had gone to Walmart to do some grocery shopping so I parked in their parking lot. As a result I had ample light streaming in via the windows.

As far as writing itself, well that went poorly but I got a few pages done, nowhere near a chapter, but at least I did something. That is key, do something daily towards your goal; that will keep your momentum going. 

Staying the course and doing what I am doing to get rid of my debts is frustrating. I find myself imagining various short-cuts happening to hasten the process. You know: friends hold a fundraiser, win the lotto, (even the 1 million extra draw . . . heck 100 grand would be fine with me), death of a long lost relative. 

You know, all of the various ways to just get this over and done with now, rather than having to do this the long way. That would be nice but in the end it would cheat me of the process. 

I am learning, teaching myself to be more fiscally responsible. When I do pay off all of my bills, I will have earned that. That is more valuable than any lotto win.  

(I’d still accept the free cash, don’t get me wrong).

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