Thursday 4 September 2014

A Little Chilly, But Fine

Today I woke up and it was less than 10 degrees Celsius inside the trailer. I turn the heater off when I sleep and still have 3 quilts on my bed. I may put the extra quilt on the bed tonight. I may start to turn the heater on to its lowest setting, maybe at 50 or 60 Fahrenheit (yeah the heater is only in Fahrenheit).

I did dump after work and yes my waste tanks were full and my freshwater tanks were empty. I then went down the road to check out the church that a man from a previous day had suggested to stay at. 

That was when I realized that this was a ‘bucket of steam’ errand. This church parking lot was being torn up. It was cordoned off and in the midst of construction. Clearly it had been for some time and not just started. Such is life, I had a chuckle and went to my usual haunts to find a place to park.

I am slowing down a bit on the novel as I recreate and recraft Brian’s backstory. I am now working on tweaking how Brian gets on the ship and even casting a quick glance at what happens in Egypt. 

I know that I could sink a novel in this part of Brian’s backstory; just like I could sink a novel in Brian’s experiences during the war. It is tempting to do so, but as a writer you need to focus and ask yourself where is your story? 

My story is on Tanea. My story is how Brian impacts and affects Tanea and how Tanea impacts and affects him. His backstory is what helps shape and mould him into who and what he is. It is enough to know that he reluctantly fought on the losing side of a war just to prevent his brothers and father from fighting. 

He has issues with regards to his past and borderline suicidal tendencies. While he does not seek death, as it is not in his nature to ‘self-terminate,’ he views death as a release. In so much as he genuinely doesn’t care if he gets killed. 

Well, at least until he gains something to believe in and someone to care about, a reason to stick around, if you will as he learns he is not the failure and human garbage that he thinks he is.

I could easily spend a trilogy in Brian’s backstory and while it would be interesting and be action packed, it would not really move my story, the story I want to tell, forward. They would make nice Michael Bay movies, though (that should tell you something).

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