Monday 22 September 2014


Yep, I am happy to be back at work and not only because I like my job, but also because it is payday. That means that my first card will be paid off by tonight. 

This is a historic and momentous moment tonight and one I will enjoy. I know that I will dip back down into the overdraft between this payday and the next. Next month I will pay nothing off and simply leave the money in the account. This way I will set a goal that I when I am at “zero” I am at 500.00 in the account. That way I will never dip into the overdraft again. that way I can save those fees as I dip into the overdraft from payday to payday.

I didn’t blog for the past two days because I took Trea for a small jaunt out of town and had a quiet relaxing time with a great “Gal-Pal” friend of mine. Don’t get any ideas we are just friends, but it was, and always is, great spending time with her. Time got away from me and I simply forgot to blog.

I was able to plug in for a few short hours last night but will have to do again real soon as Wanda’s batteries are really low and I need more water. These are the two consumables which I go through the quickest. I seem to be always in search of more power and water. 

If I was on the road I would definitely have a generator to charge up the batteries. I am not sure how Motorhomes  work, but one of the questions I would answer was if the engine’s alternator charges up your batteries which you run your household circuits from. 

Also I would insist that those batteries were separate and not isolated to your main battery. It is mostly done via a little box coming off of the alternator going to the two sets of batteries, that way they both get charged but one can’t drain from the other. 

The last thing I would want is to happily camp at night and find out that you can’t start your motorhome/campervan in the morning.  As it is when Wanda’s batteries get low I worry about taking half of a shower (due to lack of water pressure and/or water) or not being able to bring the Slide-Out  in in the morning. 

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