Tuesday 16 September 2014

Pesky Resource Issues

Okay, in truth I won’t know the actual status of Wanda’s Batteries until this evening, but they keep reading low in the morning. That and I had to switch propane tanks this morning. 

That means that I went through one tank of propane in a week. It was that cold snap so it was to be expected but it cut my usual length of time I get on one in half. I suppose I can expect such propane usage when it gets colder and again to be expected.  

Even at that rate it is still cheaper than the 200 bucks I was spending heating a townhouse in the cold months. Okay, I won’t be able to stay in Wanda in the outside in January, if you get technical. All I am saying is that this is still cheaper than my utility bills from a year ago. 

I will be surprised if I have to plug in after a little over one day of use. I doubt it but it may be possible. I may end up plugging in tomorrow night or the night after. I will extend it as much as I can, I know that I can go much longer, but I don’t like to push it if I don’t have to.  

I bought a small little 200 Watt inverter to stay in Wanda. This will plug into the 12V plug I installed earlier. 

This way I can use the laptop or watch TV for a bit, using Wanda’s batteries. Sure this will drain them faster but it is nice to be able to use her batteries while Ace is charging up in Trea. 

I did get Chapter 3 done and it was the one where Brian is brought before The Mistress for the first time. His defiance and sass did not go over well, to put it mildly. One can only imagine what would happen if Valencia found herself in a similar situation. 

Hmm . . . I may have to write that in a future book.  Just imagine Pell and Val kneeling before The Mistress, Val mouthing off and Pell trying to shut her up. All while their hands are bound in front of a crowd of Sisters of course.  Perhaps even a ‘private argument’ in front of everyone. I can and it sounds like more comic gold in the making.

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