Saturday 13 September 2014

Someone Tried To Take One Of My Girls

While they didn’t try to do so by force, they did try to take her. Which one? Treabilla of course. How? Well it came in a letter, a promotion which was so expertly crafted to look like an email which had been printed out and sent to me by a letter. 

The ‘email’ was a form letter which explained how my dealership needed my trade so badly that they were going to throw buckets of money at me in order to get me to buy a new truck. Heck, I’d be helping them out but really taking advantage of them in their hour of need. It was almost criminal the deal I would get. 

I will admit, I was tempted. I thought about trading Trea in on a newer truck, perhaps an F-250 with a bigger engine, perhaps a V8 or Diesel engine. Then I could tow more and do so easier. I even thought that perhaps I could get lower payments, you know, easier cash flow.

Then it hit me, why did they want my Treabilla so bad? Because they could flip her quickly, that’s why? She is only two years old with 30,000K on her, she has a great deal of life left in her. That’s why, there is still a market for these slightly older trucks.

What would I get? Well essentially the same truck with more debt and longer payments. Sure, for me the bigger engine would be nice and all but Trea is doing fine. I am not winning any races, but she pulls Wanda fine. I am not looking to upgrade Wanda anytime soon so I don’t need a truck with a bigger engine.  At some point I will need to replace Trea, but with the way she is built, that will be years yet.

I almost got lured into the cycle of always having a new truck, and never ending debt . . . almost. (Trea is still miffed and not talking to me yet.)

Refinancing is one thing I plan to do. If I could refinance Trea and Wanda in one payment so that in X number of years both are paid off with no balloon payment at the end (as is now with Wanda) that might be worth something to me. I don’t plan on talking to the bank about that until the credit cards are done. 

Editing is going well and I expect to have Part One Edited by the end of today. Tomorrow I will start on Part Two. Tonight I will force myself to do laundry. I tried yesterday but couldn’t get into the parking lot for the Laundromat, so I gave up.

Well, have to get back to editing now.

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