Tuesday 23 June 2015

Back on Track . . . and Poor Again

Okay, first things first, I did get my bills paid and I did do everything that I set out to do with my paycheque. In the end there will be enough left in the bank to keep me above zero until my next payday. 

This is an all too common cycle for me, but I am getting ahead and making progress. I choose to see the positives. For one Card #1 is paid off and remains so. For two I am staying out of the overdraft. I have put the money that I borrowed from my contingency fund back. Finally, I did make a large payment on Card #2.

I expect to have it fully paid off, hopefully by the end of next month. We shall see how the next paycheque turns out, if I have a bit extra to put on it. Hopefully I will be able to put a larger payment on the late July paycheque to get it done and paid off . . . again.

I do have enough cash set aside to do what I need to do and yes I do have a bit of Madmoney. All in all, I am doing good and getting ahead. It just so happens that every cent is spoken for or allocated for something. Such is life, and something that we all must live with, am not alone in this.

I have an idea how to solve the problem with my latest batch of food. It is a bit too solid, as in when cooked it is a bit of a paste consistency. I realized that what I need to do is add some liquid to liquefy it somewhat. I decided to try some tomato sauce. 

I bought a few cans of tomato sauce and will open one at a time and pour the contents into a container that I will keep in the fridge. What I will do is put my food mixture in the pan and then pour a bit of tomato sauce over it and hopefully this will break up the paste and make it more palatable. 

Don’t get me wrong, it tastes fine, but eating what looks like a hamburger patty of lasagna just feels wrong. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow. I hope this works as this is a lot of food to go through, and if I can keep this up, will keep my food budget under control.

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