Thursday 25 June 2015

Dinner Delights

Okay, so I tried out my idea to make my frozen food a bit more appetizing; here’s how it turned out.

How did I do it?

First of all, toast two slices of bread, then spread mayo on it and put on a slice of cheese (or approximation thereof) on each.


Then take out said defrosted, frozen dinner from fridge.

Scoop some into the pan.

Add the tomato sauce (in the easy pour container).

Cook it up. Or rather, since this mixture is already cooked, all you are doing is heating it up. For fun you can add some shredded cheese or whatever takes your fancy.

Finally when it is cooked up enough, spread over toast.

I may not put it on toast each night and I need to play with the amount of sauce to put in the pan. In the end, this is working as well as helping to bring out the flavours more. That and yes, this is not a cooked patty of food (that should never be a patty).

With this, I will have food for a couple of months and be able to save cash. I will try another recipe next time to mix it up. If I could trust myself to make smaller batches, I might cook something else in a month, yet I fear I will then have too much to freeze.

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