Wednesday 10 June 2015

Another Day, Another Foot In Front of the Other

I seem to have gone through my water, sooner than expected. I will buy a jug of water when I go interim grocery shopping tonight. 

I need to buy a few essentials in order to help get me through till payday. I refuse to dip into my contingency fund or a credit card, unless it is absolutely essential.  I still have some resources and other tricks up my sleeve, I will be fine.

I have maintained my progress through the latest edit of Book One. This is an enjoyable process where I get to put in a few more titbits of information here and there. I also get to tweak and massage the story a bit more before it goes to the editor that I will need to hire. This book is now ready to find a publisher . . . yet another challenge to be overcome.

One thing is for certain, no matter what comes my way, I will keep plodding forward. I will survive, and yes, I will thrive. 

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