Tuesday 16 June 2015

Almost Crowded Out

My little street that I park on at night during the week was filled with not only the large semi-trucks that are usually there but also a few RV’s. I had to park back near where the construction site is. 

Since a bunch of construction workers work there, I don’t like parking near there as they need the street space to park, since they can’t park in the construction site. So, I moved when I got up, shortly after four this morning. 

It meant that my drive to work was quick and uneventful. It was interesting to note that there are yet more people living in RV’s, more so now that the weather is warmer. I have mixed feelings knowing that I am not alone and that the ranks of those living in RV’s are growing. 

For one, it is a sort of vindication for my decision and validates this lifestyle. For the other it is disheartening that more and more people for one reason or another are foregoing living in a fixed place and choosing this mobile and let’s face it, unstable lifestyle. Why should anyone have to live in an RV to pay down debt and get ahead? 

With the threats of rising interest rates that means that that sooner or later mortgage payments will be going up. Couple that with the fact that a healthy portion of people can’t absorb any increase in mortgage payments. Add that up and you have a looming crisis and possibly an “Economic Refugee Camp” coming to a big box store parking lot near you. All it will take is a percentage point or two rise in the prime rate.

Okay, back to my life and what I was able to get done. Last night I just plopped and rested, I even went to bed early. This morning, however, after I moved, I did get a bunch of work done on reading and editing book one. 

I am confident that by the end of this pass it will be ready for an editor. I just need an editor, the right editor, to edit this and all future works; someone who can and will understand the material and Tanea. For now, I will focus on editing this book and hope that it helps me focus on crafting next book.

I will let the world take care of itself and just focus my life and what I need to take care of. It is only fair after all, since the world leaves me alone to solve my problems myself.

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