Wednesday 24 June 2015

I Slept Through Another Crime

It is not a nice thing to say that you didn’t hear anything and slept through it all, even though it happened not far from where you were sleeping.

Yet again the business that I park nearby (across the road from) got broken into. As I look back now I remember kinda, sorta dozingly waking up and wondering what that alarm was all about before rolling over and going back to sleep.

When I woke up there was what looked like a van parked in front of the door and working on it. I thought this was odd at four in the morning, I almost called the cops. I watched them for a bit and realized that they were repairing the front door . . . criminals don’t fix stuff.

When I was leaving for work, a lady flagged me down and asked me if I saw or heard anything. I said I saw the repair truck at four this morning but nothing else. She told me that their business was broken into along with 12 others in the area. Nothing much was taken but the front door was smashed in. 

Part of the problem with industrial areas is that they are dead at night. I mean nobody but me and maybe a few truckers are there at night. This attracts criminals to do their nasty, nefarious business. Do you think I should install cameras outside of Wanda to film the goings on outside?

It still bogles me why anyone would bother to break in and steal stuff. I don’t get it, why? Very few businesses handle cash and those that do take precautions, so you wouldn’t get much. What then? Steal stuff? Seriously, who buys this crap and how much can you get? A fraction of what it is worth? Why bother? I say put that energy into doing something productive like get a job or start a business. 

I just feel bad that I slept through the whole thing, and was no help identify the criminals. Then again I am used to sleeping as cars do 60 kph right by my bedroom window. Yeah, the wind shakes the trailer . . . that’s fun. 

Apparently they have cameras so here’s hoping that they catch the thieves.

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