Thursday 4 June 2015

My Wanda-Checker is Broken

There is a mirror which hangs from the centre of Trea’s windshield which lets me look up into to make sure that Wanda is still with me and okay. Well, after dropping off Wanda for service, that mirror now shows traffic behind me . . . quite unnerving. 

On a serious note, it is a bit odd to adjust to driving without Wanda behind me. For one Trea’s acceleration has improved and it is easier to park. Or rather it is easier to find places to park, but I almost have to relearn how to park, you know “within the lines” . . . literally. 

I was able to check into a hotel and it wasn’t too expensive. It is the same one that I stayed in the last time Wanda was in the shop. Again, paying someone for a place to sleep seems odd and wrong to me. It's funny how your perspective on things can change.

Today, after work I will drive around to a few different RV dump stations to try to find one that is: up and running, has water and is not stupidly expensive to dump. After all, I still have that problem to solve, as in finding a new place to dump on a weekly basis, and more importantly, where to get my water. 

Sure I can dump at any RV dump station, so emptying my grey water and black water tanks are not a problem it is buying water, and I really don’t want to go back to buying water at the grocery store for 3 dollars for 5 gallons. I like having showers and, you know, running water.

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