Friday 26 June 2015

Weathering the Warm Weather

With the temperature seeming to be hovering around plus 30C this week and for the foreseeable future you may be wondering how I am faring.

It is true that Wanda has air conditioning, but that is of little use to me. The amount of power it takes requires me to be plugged in to pretty much 120 V / 30 Amp power. Jenny only puts out 20 Amps max.

So, that means that the only time I can use my air conditioner or my microwave is when I am at a campsite. Since I am not an idiot I choose a campsite with a bit of shade. So even when camping, I don’t use my air conditioner. 

How do I manage in the heat? For one, when possible or needed I deploy my awning, to keep the sun off of the windows and door. For another I open both of my top vents all the way. I then prop open the bathroom door, to let a bit of airflow through between the vents. Then, of course I prop open the door and open all of the windows. On the parries, the wind is always blowing, so a nice breeze comes in and cools the place down.

I survive and I am okay, I have never lived in a house with air conditioning anyways, so I have always just managed with the heat of summer. Just like in winter, I just take what comes and deal with it.

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