Monday 8 June 2015

Completed the “Prairie Swing” in Wanda This Weekend

I have lived in Wanda in temperatures from -30C to +30C as this weekend it got up to 30C. On the prairies the temperature can and will swing 60 degrees in the course of a year (if you say but it’s a dry cold I will smack you). I find this bit of information interesting, as the weather is always changing and shifting from one of these extremes towards the other. This keeps life interesting.

All in all it was a good weekend with a few annoyances, but mostly I do my best to just take it all in stride and constantly move forward. 

For one I got Wanda back, but when I went to pick her up, the drop cloth sheets were still inside her (from the workers). That and one heat vent register was not put back on, sure it is just a couple of screws but the job wasn’t finished. Then there was the fact that she needed a good sweeping, with small bits of construction debris here and there. I made sure to point this out to the gal at the service desk. Being as it was Saturday, the technicians were not there to chastise, so this left me to rectify the situation. 

The important thing was that, for the most part, the work was done. The back wall was repaired and the tub was installed and done at less of a cost than they quoted. The frustration with the service department at this RV Dealership is that they seem to see the customer as an annoyance, rather than their focus. Again, it was the little things that were just not there the attention to the small details which leaves a lasting impression. When it comes to this experience, I chose to look at the fact that Wanda was fixed and I have her back.

The second bit of frustrating news is that Uncle Stephen got a hat trick. For the third year in a row, what was a small Tax Refund for me turns into a tax bill. This time to the tune of almost three hundred dollars. Somehow they just magically assess me for more taxes due and send me the bill . . . I suppose someone has to pay for all of those senators’ lavish lifestyles. Oh joy, another bill. With this experience, I just am thankful that it wasn’t a larger bill . . . I just grin and bear it as I pay yet more taxes.

The other annoyances were so small that they are not worth mentioning, so I just ignore them and move on.

All in all, things are going well, the weather is warm, and I choose to see that my bills are dropping one by one. With each day, with each bit of savings, I am working towards my future. I don’t plan to live in Wanda for the rest of my life, but for now, she is what I need. In the warm weather of the summer, living in Wanda is easy, winter I can deal with . . . not enjoy mind you, but I can deal with it.

A happy point is that I did found a place to dump and fill Wanda within the city, not too far from work. More astonishing is that this particular gas station doesn’t charge a thing for this service. I will try to come to some arrangement with them. 

Sure they are not charging for this, and that is their choice, but let’s be fair I will be back every week until winter comes and drive away with a full tank of water. With the fact that they will be charged (by the city) for every drop of that water, I should at least talk to the manager and offer to pay something. The happy note is that I have a reliable source of water and that is something. 

I have said it before and I will say it again, your outlook defines how things that happen to you, affect you. If you choose to see the positive and ignore the negative, you will be the better for it. I will be the first one to admit that I continue to struggle with this. 

I have my up and down days, but I still work and strive to be a positive person. A negative person is just grumpy and nasty to deal with, who wants that in your life. Never forget that if you are that grumpy person, you can’t walk away from yourself, you are stuck with you, so at least be someone you can live with. 

Do what needs to be done now, but keep an eye to the future and keep your eye on the prize that you are striving towards. Having a worthwhile goal to work towards, helps you greatly in this regard, that I can assure you from personal experience. 

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