Thursday 18 June 2015

Full Circle Booked

I have booked my site for McLean Creek for the weekend of July 12. I had looked around but the other sites were booked, or non reservable. It seems fitting that I go back there one year to the day that I have started to live in Wanda.

It was the morning of Saturday July 12 of last year that I loaded up what I had in my room into my trailer. The first place I drove was to McLean Creek for the weekend to sort through and find a home for everything. I was so nervous and second –guessing everything, unsure that I had made the right move.

Okay, back to the present now. I was tired so I slept in this morning, so I didn’t get any chapters read. I have a feeling that I won’t do any reading tonight. As it stands I am still tired and the workday has yet to begin. Considering I am on my feet all day and constantly moving, I will likely plop tonight. Tomorrow night I will sleep well and sleep in (as much as I can) on Saturday morning. 

Time marches on, and so . . . work calls.

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