Monday 1 June 2015

Completely Out of Communication

It is always something for me to get used to when going to McLean Creak . . . I have no cell or internet service out there. So there I am unable to check anything on the internet or even phone or text anyone.  I am forced to relax and just unwind.

I did relax and I did do some of what I had planned. I did restring one of the blinds that I needed to. Wanda has four of these blinds that have a complex stringing method that in the end will allow you to bring those blinds down part way or all of the way. 

The blinds are thick enough that when fully down they block the light completely. On one of them the string broke so I had to buy more of the special string and then restring it. I got it done, there is another one that I need to do.

Other than that, I didn’t do much; I didn’t even break out the bike. I did relax and yes get my fill of water, so that was nice. Still no update on where I will be able to dump and fill on a regular basis. 

I will need to do some cleaning tonight as well as make a list of what needs to be fixed on Wanda. Of course, tonight I will phone the guy who hit me back on the 21st of January and see if he has the money for me. I will update you on that too tomorrow.

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