Monday 15 June 2015

So . . . Apparently I Can’t do Small

I tried, I really did. I tried to make a small batch but it just grew bigger and bigger. Soon it was back to my usual massive stock pot size. I fell back on an old recipe that I have made in the past, and it worked out great. 

I made a lasagna dish that I have made before so I knew it would work. It may seem a bit odd to put a hamburger helper lasagna dish inside a taco shell, but it works. Not to mention that it’s: tasty, filling, nutritious and easy to make. I dipped into my contingency fund a bit to do this but at least I have food again.

I did start to get going on my editing of Book One and it is coming along fine, I am having fun. The small change that I made is the addition of “pins” that each Guard earns for either length of service or other acts of merit. This is similar to earning medals, but these pins are attached to a Guard’s scabbard. Pins that a particular unit (Squad, Unit, Section, or Detachment) earns are attached to the command armour for that unit, under the brass nameplate. 

For the first time I deployed my stabilizer jacks when in a parking lot. This let me have a bit of comfort as the trailer did not sway when I moved. As I walked around the parking lot I counted no less than ten RV’s in this parking lot alone, and most of these were there before me and were there when I left this morning. 

This shows that there are many more people doing what I am doing. Not a good sign of our economy, or cost of living . . . then again, maybe it is just me. As always, I persevere and keep plodding along. Soon October will be here and finally the last of my credit card debt will be eliminated. That is indeed a happy thought.

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