Monday 29 June 2015

A Hot Time in the Old Town, Last Weekend

Okay, while I didn’t see any butterflies burst into flames when passing from the shade into the sunlight, it was certainly hot this weekend. Inside Wanda it hovered just over 30 C . . . in my house might I remind you. 

I did have my: vents, windows and door wide open during daylight hours. I even deployed my awning during the day, at least the afternoon. Yes, I was wearing as little and light clothing as possible and went for a few walks (with a shirt on) a number of times. 

When I had Jenny running, in the evenings I was able to have the “fan” setting on the air conditioning running. I found that this was no help at all as it just blew hot air on me. With a natural breeze there is a bit of cool that comes with it. With the fan forcing air down from the thing on the roof, it was hot air. I let it blow for a few minutes before I decided that this sucks and turned it off.

I tried to putter around on the computer and eventually got my editing done, but little more. It was just too hot during the day to do much of anything. I thought of going for a bike ride, but the heat of the first walk killed that idea. 

I am not complaining though, after all while it was this hot in my trailer this weekend.

(That measures around 34C.)

It has also been this cold in my trailer this winter 

(That measures around -18C.)

That is what I have measured inside my trailer. It has been colder outside I will survive and adapt and keep pressing onwards. I will achieve my new goal of my credit cards paid off any my truck and trailer refinanced into one before my two year anniversary (the 5th of December).

I will continue to acclimatize to the weather. They key, I think, is not hide in air conditioning all the time. Your body adapt to the heat or the cold. I will need to if I plan to go for that bike ride before long.I still have the blessed bike in my back seat, so I might as well use it.

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