Friday 5 June 2015

Things Are Looking Up

Okay so I had a few bits of good news yesterday, all of which culminated in the starting of a positive trend. This is a much needed aspect of my life that has been missing. 

The first bit of good news is that Wanda is fixed and considerably less than expected. So that means that the repair people at the RV dealership were both below budget and quicker than estimated. 

I decided to stay in the hotel until Saturday morning and pick Wanda up on Saturday. Why? Since I have already paid for the hotel room until Saturday, if I checked out yesterday after work, I would probably be still charged for last night. 

Besides, there is this work BBQ that one of our customers/suppliers has every year that I am going to this afternoon. So this mini-break is going to continue until tomorrow morning cause I don’t feel like skipping it in order to pick up Wanda.

The last bit of good news was a nice chat with an old friend that I had yesterday afternoon. It is always good to reconnect with much-missed people in one’s life. 

The only bit of frustration was that I was not able to book a campsite for Saturday and Sunday nights, ah well, I will live and camp another day. 

The happy news is that Sunday is payday, so this brings me one more step closer to my goal of financial freedom. Speaking of which, my revised estimates puts late October as the date that I will finally pay off Card #3. That means that in November I can redo both (truck and trailer) loans into one consolidated loan, hopefully in time for my two year anniversary of this odyssey. 

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