Friday 12 June 2015

Birthday Reflection

Okay, I didn’t blog yesterday as I was having internet problems and by the time it was fixed it was time to actually start work.

It is interesting to note that this time last year I was committed to living in Wanda full time. This was when I started to pare down and get rid of all of what wouldn’t fit in Trea or Wanda. I was still paying bits of all three cards and still feeling uneasy about what I was about to do. One year later, this is how things stand for me.

One year later: 

Card #1 is paid off.
Card #2 is paid off.
Okay, Card #2 has a small bit on it, but it will be paid off by the end of next month.
I am consistently staying out of overdraft. 
I have $500.00 in a contingency fund (which will continue to grow).
I can live anywhere and am self-sufficient (okay, still need access to: Food, Water, Gasoline, and a place to dump my tanks).  

This only leaves the dreaded Card #3 which should be done by the end of October.  After which things will start to get fun for me. Okay, living in an RV in winter arriving is not fun . . . trust me (come on El NiƱo).  What will happen, probably in December, is that I will refinance my loans.

This will let me focus on paying down that debt and building my savings account equally. That, for me, will be fun, to see my savings steadily grow, month after month. I figured that since I have frozen my butt off to pay the banks, why not freeze my butt off to pay me?

I will keep going and not go on any vacation until after Card #3 is paid off and I have the money in the bank. I may or may not even go for a vacation this year, and certainly not during the warmer months. Such is the price I must pay to get this task done. A trip to the coast over Christmas is likely.

I simply need these cards finally dead. I need to be on the positive side of savings and debt once and for all. With: car, truck and mortgage payments there is an end date, it has a fixed end. With credit cards there is no end to them, not unless you do something drastic.

The point of all of this is to say that things have improved for me over the past year and things are steadily looking up. I choose to look at the things that are getting better for me and that I am steadily moving towards my goals. 

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