Friday 30 October 2015

No Power Test

As it would happen Wanda’s batteries ran so low that my inverter wouldn’t work yesterday morning. That means that typically I run Jenny that night so I can use the inverter to power the laptop. 

I didn’t want to run Jenny last night as I always run her on Friday nights, for the weekend. I decided not to run her and just see how things would go last night. 

The first to pack it in was my fridge . . . it does this thing where it ties to light its pilot light then shuts down. It keeps doing this every two seconds, so you have to just shut it off. 

I lit candles in my tealight lamps as I mucked about on my iPad for the evening. I bundled up both last night and this morning in my warm clothes and I was fine. 

The furnace stuck it out most of the night but this morning just looked at me and laughed.  The trick of running the stove for heat worked, thankfully that doesn’t need electricity.  

This morning I worked with the laptop, using its own batteries. Well, the laptop didn’t last that long on its own batteries  . . . like an hour . . . AN HOUR!!!

Why did I do all this? Well, just to see if I could and just because I didn’t feel like running Jenny. As well, to remind myself that living in an RV in winter, or fall really, is not all that terrible. No matter what happens, I can and will survive. 

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  1. Just wondering, have you replaced your batteries? Are you running two 6V? after constant use there are issues with them, if you are replacing and you have two replace both.