Thursday 1 October 2015

Bookkeeping Success

I did two things differently last night, both turned out okay.

The first thing was that I did sit down and do my books last night. Just as I thought, I was able to get my books up to date and even found where my one credit card went awry, (January). So that was good. As I had surmised, enough time had passed since the weekend so that all of my charges had been updated to the various accounts. 

One idea would be to wait until Friday night to do the books, but let’s get serious, who wants to do work on a Friday night? That is a plan destined to fail, and why set yourself up for failure? The middle of the week is good because you are still in that “work mode.” It is then easier to force yourself to buckle down and work when you’re still in that work mode.

The other thing I did was move back to my favourite parking spot, that block by the dump. I know that the truckers hate me but one thing has changed. The building that has been being built for the past few months is finished now. This means that there are no construction people arriving there early in the morning. So, I can park back down the block from the “Trucker’s Territory.” I like this spot as it is a bit darker and quieter during the night. 

The people who work in the building across from where I had been parking were getting a bit antsy and curious. I knew that the time had come to move on, literally. So I will park by the dump again and see how it goes. If I steer clear of the truckers we should be able to cohabitate.

I have started to walk back to Wanda for lunch each day, so I can cook up a hot lunch. This is a nice thing and something I will do while the weather is warm. Walking back to cook in an icebox does not sound like a nice way to spend lunch. For now though, this is what I am doing, because I can.

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