Friday 23 October 2015

How Cheap Do You Have To Be?

. . . in order to do this . . . 

More specifically, this . . . 

This is the sewer connection that I have been using the past few months in order to dump. During the summer they also had their water on so I was getting my fresh water from them too. A few weeks ago, they shut their water off. 

I had dumped that one time when I discovered that the water was shut off and thought that it would be open all winter. I found out this morning how wrong I was. They put a padlock on it, that’s right somebody bothered to put a padlock on their toilet connection. 

I understand the concept of private property. I fully accept and defend the rights of private citizens and corporations to do whatever they are legally entitled to do, to/on their own property. 

I scratch my head at this one, as it makes no sense other than to be a jerk. With regards to turning the water off, I understand that one, as there is a risk of the pipes freezing in winter. 

The real reason that the water is turned off is a business one. With the driving season now over, there is little incentive for them to incur the cost of giving away water that the city charges them for. So, on that count, with regards to the water, I get it.

With regards to your sewer connection, there is no cost involved. To my knowledge no meter exists to measure the amount of sewage that each home or business generates. In other words you are charged each time you poop.

As far as freezing is concerned, well this is a wide, vertical pipe that goes straight down to connect with the city’s sewer system. What could possibly freeze or cause damage? 

Ah well, I still have the other place to dump, this one will cost me $3.00 to dump each time. Failing that, I can still run out to McLean Creek campground and dump there. I just hope that it doesn’t come to that, as I don’t want to incur the cost of a weekend camping. 

I will now stop using my grey water tank and just use my black water tank. Most of my grey water I will just toss out the door (or rather, find a thirsty tree). Some of the grey water I will pour down the toilet to ensure that things stay, shall we say, liquid in my black water tank. 

This is yet another sign that the colder weather is coming and so I too must adjust my ways to it. I grumble, but I adapt and move on. 

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