Wednesday 28 October 2015

All’s Quiet On The Western Front

Not much to say, still hunkering down, still trying to keep on keeping on. My goal is to not change a thing about my routine until Nov 22nd and my cards are finally paid off. 

As a result, I am still living a boring life. I am running Jenny more, now that the cold weather has arrived and I need to run the furnace more. 

I may have to actually buy fuel for Jenny between paydays, we shall see. Perhaps soon, but not this soon in the winter season, I hope. If I do, I will take that money out of the “Utilities” wallet. 

When I fill up the truck on each payday, I fill up the jerry can of fuel for Jenny. If for some reason I need to buy additional fuel in between paydays I will take it out of the Utilities Wallet. This is the same wallet that I buy my propane and pay for dumping fees out of. (Thus the name “Utilities.”)  

The weather is something to get used to, that’s for sure. During the day it is in the double-digits, yet it hovers around zero overnight, last night it dipped below and this morning it was -7. 

I am slowly starting to get into my cold weather routine yet not. I still pack shorts to work just in case I need to change into them during the day. I dress in warmer and warmer clothes the longer the evening wears on.

An odd dichotomy to adjust to, to be sure, but I will take the warmth during the day and the relatively mild overnight temps. As always, the only certainty in life is change. We can either adapt to it or be left behind. I will adapt and thrive, thank you very much.

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