Monday 5 October 2015

Winterize and Shoved Out

Okay, so I was able to get Wanda Winterized this weekend. This means that I have antifreeze running through her fresh water pipes. So, I don’t need to worry about my water pump freezing. But I will also not be able to have a shower, use the taps or even flush the toilet “normally.” 

I will, however, have to worry about my grey and black water tanks freezing up. More specifically I will have to worry about the valves at the end to dump the water out freezing up. I will dump (during the day) when it looks to get below -10C overnight.

I had a bit of an inkling of how things were going to go this weekend when I got to my western home to find that the usual places were taken up. I ended up in a spot on the other side of the parking lot. 

This is next to where a guy sets up his hot dog stand, on the weekends. He doesn’t like me there as I block his potential customers. He hasn’t figured out that it isn’t me that blocks him out but the trees. Seriously dude, move to somewhere without trees blocking you from the road.

Anyways, I left Saturday morning to go up to the RV Dealership for the winterizing special. I wandered about and looked at the new units, talked to a few people as I waited. I was able to buy the roof vent that I needed to replace that had been damaged in the hail storm.

When I got back I found a different place to park and settled in for the rest of the weekend. That was when the RV dealership called and said that the tech had removed a few bins and that I had to come down and get them. He had forgotten to put them back in. So, off I went to collect my: Electrical umbilical cord, water hose, and my sewer connection accessories. All are vital to me. 

I went back to my western home only to find that there was nothing available, all of the spots were taken up. So unless I wanted to be a jerk and take up spots reserved for actual customers coming and going, I had to leave.

I ended going back to my usual place that I park during the week. I gotta tell you, this place is seriously dead on the weekends. I think I saw five cars from Saturday evening to Monday morning. 

What parking here meant was that I couldn’t put the slide-out, out or put down my stabilizer jacks. For me, those are the niceties that I look forward to on the weekends: a bit more space and no shaking when I move about. 

I was frustrated by having to move, but I am mobile so I have to be ready to move elsewhere if I have to. I need to widen my list of parking lots that I am comfortable parking at, so I don’t have to do this again. 

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