Tuesday 13 October 2015

Met a New Urban Nomad

I had a relaxing weekend yet I constantly felt like I should be doing something more productive. The rest and relaxation did me good though, and I just about feel like I am back to my usual self.

I didn’t park in my usual spot in my western home as that was taken up by an older fifth wheel being pulled by a much older truck (as in from the seventies). I parked in front of it with enough room for them to maneuver (I am not a jerk). 

After I got setup I noticed that the hood was up and the guy was looking at the engine. I walked over, introduced myself and offered to help. He said that he needed a boost and was waiting for a friend to come by.

Well, I brought out Ace (my portable battery pack) and my jumper cables and we tried to start the truck. There was a steady click but nothing else. 

Well, out came my multi-meter and I measured his batteries (he had two) . . . he had a full charge in his batteries. That meant that something was wrong with the starter. 

He thanked me and I left him to wait for his friend. It turned out that there was a loose wire on the starter. Ah the joys of old vehicles. 

During a different time on the weekend and after he borrowed my phone to make a call, he told me a bit of his story. He looked to be in his mid-twenties, but I’m not sure, never asked. 

He came out here from Quebec and ended up sleeping under a bridge, from there he got a job and bought a truck, then he was sleeping in that truck and then he bought this old fifth wheel trailer. 

I gave him a few pointers on what had worked for me and it felt good to be the old hand in this. I don’t know what if any advice he took to heart, but it felt good to give it anyways.

He is steadily improving his life by doing the whole Urban Nomad thing, while I have taken a step down in my lifestyle while doing the Urban Nomad thing. 

I found it interesting that we have both come to this same place in life from different angles. Both of us looking to get ahead, both of us determined to improve our lives and optimistic for the future. 

He is staying permanently in my western home and confirmed my suspicions about one of the motorhomes there . . . it hasn’t moved in months and doesn’t plan to either. 

While I don’t talk to more people out here, there is one thing I know. If they are out there at this time of year, they are most likely not passing travelers. 

As the days and weeks tick by, just remember that the RV’s you see out there on the streets and parking lots are in fact Urban Nomads, just trying to get ahead and not be noticed.

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