Wednesday 21 October 2015

So Far, So Good

I sit here, on the eve of the third payday before my credit card debt will be paid off. As I usually do, I look over my finances yet again to see how I am doing. All in all I’m doing well. 

There are always things that I could be doing better, but all in all, I’m on track. I still grumble about things and my situation in life, yet I force myself to ponder how good I have it. 

I read somewhere that your life will not get better until you learn to appreciate what you already have. So with that in mind I will try to focus on the good aspects of my life and build from there.

I am almost about to do what many people wish they could. I don’t say this to rub it in anyone’s face or brag, but to remind myself of an impending very positive achievement. 

Trust me when I say that without that non-stop, ever consuming, debt that is credit card debt, your cash flow will greatly improve. 

Once your cash flow improves, so too will the rest of your financial situation. Everyone knows this, sometimes we need to be reminded of it, of how important it is. 

Yet to get to this point I have done what most people wouldn’t do, and dare I say shouldn’t to . . . more specifically, shouldn’t have to do. (but I digress).

I am one month away from being credit card debt free and two to three years away from being totally debt free . . . think about that. I will then own my home and be able to live anywhere on $500.00 a month. Not so crazy now, am I . . . (Don’t answer that.)

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