Thursday 15 October 2015

Hurtin’ Phone Options

Okay, it’s official . . . my phone sucks. Well, it won’t hold a charge anymore to save its life, I have to leave it plugged in for at least eight hours at work and it still dies overnight. This leaves me with another problem to solve, one that we all have faced. 

Okay, my first option would be to buy a new phone. I have had my eye on the new iPhone, but to do so now would blow my schedule to pay off my credit cards by Nov 22. So, that’s out. 

The next option would be to buy an iPhone through my mobile carrier. If I do that, these days they only finance half to two thirds of the phone, leaving you to pay for the rest up front. Then they charge you interest charges each month while tying you to them for the next two plus years. 

No thanks, I just finished paying off the last of this phone. I like not having a fixed contract and the lower bills of not paying those hardware charges each month. 

Another option would be to buy a cheap (as in dirt cheap) phone and just use that for the time being. That is possible and another idea I am considering is buying the cheap phone and using that to just be my phone. After all I have my IPad so I don’t need the iPhone for the nifty features . . . I have an iPad.

Another crazy idea is to just use my iPad as my phone, on speaker phone modem but then I realized that I would have to carry that large thing everywhere . . . so, not practical.

Most likely what I will do is buy a new battery for $20 – $30 and just limp this phone along until next year. This one may be: large, slow, with no battery life to save its life (literally) but it is already paid for and the cheapest option is to keep it going. 

Early next year I will most likely buy that new iPhone and do so with cash. That will feel nice, and be a reward for going through all this. My advice with regards to mobile carriers is, (if at all possible) to buy your phone up front.  

If you can do that, it will lower your monthly bills, and therefore help your cash flow. Remember, those “free” phones are not free, you are paying for them every month as well as signing away your choice for the next two years.

Well, I had better go plug in my dead phone . . . before I smash it into oblivion out of frustration. 

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