Friday 2 October 2015

The Cold Weather Cometh

As if on cue and to reinforce my decision to winterize tomorrow, the weather is looking like it will turn cold tonight and into tomorrow. Not that cold, but still dipping below zero for the first time this fall/ winter season. It looks like it may snow too . . . sorta. 

So, I do feel better that I am winterizing and thereby not have to worry about my water pump freezing. I may dump for the last time very soon too, who knows, once again, the cold weather is coming and I must adapt what I am doing to handle it.

Ah well, this is the cycle of life and I will keep in mind that every day that I am out here, every payday that I make it to, I am improving my situation.  I grumble and I fuss, but I always do what I must. I still have my warm clothes tucked away, so I can wear them and be okay. 

Here is hoping that this cold snap is not that bad and doesn’t last that long. I still have more writing to do and other things to keep me occupied as I hibernate this winter. I will emerge next spring in a much better position financially with less stress on me, the next time I can use my shower once again.

For my favourite reason of all . . . none . . . here is your sunrise shot.

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