Friday 16 October 2015

Shorts and Warm Clothes

I have said it before . . . I hate the cold. I have also said it before that I know that it is coming. 

I keep waiting to hear that the first snowfall of the season is about to happen. I also know that once that happens, there will be snow on the ground till May! 

I also have this fear of waking up to twenty feet of snow all around . . . but at least I will still able to walk to work. So there is that. 

Lately I have been taking shorts to work, as it gets warm during the day, warm enough that I change to shorts to run around at work to keep cool.

Then in the evening as darkness falls, I change into my warmer clothes (sweatpants and sweatshirt) to lounge about in. 

Not long before bed I change into my warm clothes (3 layers of thermal undies) to go to sleep in. Yes, for the last couple of nights I have even slept in my sleeping toque. (How Canadian is that?)

I do this so that I stay warm, sure, but even without the thermal undies I am warm enough in bed. I do this so that I will be warm when I get out of bed, as these mornings I can just about see my breath inside Wanda. 

I have also said it before that it takes an extra bit of motivation to get out of a warm bed when you can see your breath inside your house. 

Such is life this fall in Wanda, as things are warm during the day, yet chilly at night. I still have use of my Grey and Black water tanks, and that is something. 

I try to see the positive in things and yes in a month or two I will look back to now as “the warm spell” . . . le sigh. 

I am, however about to turn the corner on my finances and finally get some traction on my future. That, my friends is something worth donning my warmest warm clothes and braving -30C in Wanda again this year, yes indeed. 

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