Monday 26 October 2015

Dumping Dues

So, I was grumbling and slightly afraid that I would have to pay through the nose to dump. I stopped dumping here ever since they didn’t turn their water back on. 

I was offended as they were charging the same price as before, in order to dump as they were when they also gave you water. I looked around and found that other place to dump and get water for free. 

Now that the free place is closed up, back here I go. I grumbled but got ready to pay to dump and pay I did . . . fifty cents. That’s it, half a dollar to dump . . . works for me. I still don’t get any water and they won’t have any, any time soon. 

There is a chance that the other free place won’t turn their water on in the spring. That is yet another challenge to be faced later on, no sense worrying about it now. For now, I can get water from the grocery store and dump when I need to. 

I also know that I can go for about a month without dumping. So, unless there is a massive freeze coming, I will be okay for dumping when I need to this winter. 

The weekend was relaxing but on the whole unproductive. I did make a batch of stuff to cook up for dinner. So my freezer is stocked full with food, one batch for lunch and another for dinner. 

The other thing I did was confirm my balances on the credit cards that I paid down and I am now officially within one paycheque to pay them off. 

What I mean is that if I didn’t have other bills to pay, I could pay off my credit cards completely on the seventh. I do have other bills to pay so the 22nd it is. 

This is huge and just leaves me salivating over finally killing them off completely, especially the dreaded and dastardly Card #3! 

All in all, things are going okay, and on schedule.  That too is huge and each time I think about it, it makes me smile. 

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