Tuesday 20 October 2015

Meet the New Boss

Okay, unless you have been living under a rock, we had an election here in Canada. Today we have a new federal government, yet not quite, it’s made up of the same guys that we had before the guys we just tossed out. 

I for one remember feeling a great rush of relief and exhilaration when the previous prime minister was sworn in. I remember hoping for change and that things would be better, different . . . that the government would be more transparent, open and accountable. Yeah, that happened.

So, here we have the new guy who promised to bring change along with a whole raft of things that sounded kinda like what the last guy promised when he was sworn in. 

Don’t get me wrong, this country was due for a change in leadership and government. I might have felt b better with a minority government which would have forced the parties to talk and work together to get things done.

My distrust of the last guy came from not necessarily what he did (okay, there were a list of things), but the way he did it. The last guy had a complete disregard for Parliament altogether and if he could have run the country without it, he would have, I’m sure of it. 

For little old me though, nothing has changed. Nothing changed under the last bunch, or the bunch before them or the bunch before them. I’m not on anyone’s radar, so I don’t ever look for help to come from politicians or the government. 

I will wait and see how these guys handle things and keep a smidgen of hope that things will be better, that actual change will come. Above all, I just hope that we won’t get fooled again . . . (cue The Who).

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