Monday 19 October 2015

Phone Demoted

So, on the weekend I looked around to buy a new battery for my phone. I went to two different stores and both told me that they didn’t stock them in the store but I could buy them online. 

I drolly informed them that if I was going to buy them online I would do so from Amazon and pay a third of what they were asking. They didn’t respond.

So that was what I did, I bought two new batteries for the phone along with a wall charger. All this for less than what the stores were asking! I might have paid their price if they had it in the store, but not if I had to wait to get it. 

Sure, I have to wait until early next month, but this way I will never have to charge the battery while plugged the phone in again. This way I can charge one battery out of the phone while another battery is in the phone being used. 

The other thing I did was to demote my smart phone to just a phone. I removed:  Facebook, Facebook Messenger and email from the phone. Why? Well I have the iPad to do all that and it has become annoying to hear a notification beep from two devices for the same message. 

This will reduce my data usage as I don’t need two devices checking my email and Facebook for messages. I usually have my iPad with me but if I don’t, then I don’t really care about missing an email for a bit.  I can live without seeing that promotional flyer sent to my inbox until I get back to my iPad. 

If you want to get a hold of me when I am out, just text me or, here’s a crazy thought . . . phone me. 

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