Friday 8 May 2015

Working for the Weekend

It has been a long week for me as I have been running the shop myself.  That means: answering the phones, dealing with customers coming in as well as my main job processing orders and making sure they get out the door. 

Yesterday was especially busy and I just wanted to plop and do nothing after work. It was payday, however, so I had my usual running about and errands do to. It ended up being even longer than usual. 

I still have not done my budget or plopped that usual amount on Card #3, I will do that tonight. The bright spot is that due to my frugal driving ways, my fuel cost was about half of what I had budgeted. This was despite me running Jenny more than usual on the weekend.

I play a little game with each budget; I look for ways to pay everything that needs to be paid, yet stay within the amount of that paycheque. I furthermore try to add at least a little something to the meagre amount that will be left in the bank after everything is paid. Trying to trickle save after all. 

My goal financially will be to get back to a place where I full fund my wallets and have a bit of spends for me. First things first, I need to get my finances back in order, and back down to only one card being paid down. I am working on this, one paycheque at a time.

I will look forward to resting tonight and trying to do some writing this weekend. Always on my mind is that vision of next weekend and the time in Banff that I will enjoy, and yes the unrestricted access to water. I even plan to play tourist, visit the town itself and perhaps visit a few of the touristy attractions.

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