Thursday 28 May 2015

Don’t Wish For a Do-Over

Now and again I look back on my life and wonder how I got to this place of living in an RV. I try not to think too hard about the past and the choices and mistakes that I have made. Sometimes it is irresistible to play the “what if” game and I unwisely play it.

What if I had gone into a more lucrative field when I was young? What if I had put more of an effort into wooing a woman in my early twenties? What if I had started saving years earlier? Why didn’t I do this Urban Nomad thing right out of Film School? Why did I wait three years to start this process of financial renewal?

All of the things that have happened to me, all of the choices that I have made, the struggles and triumphs of my life have shaped me. For better or worse, I am the person that I am because of what I have faced. Take them away from me, and I cease to be the person I am.

I still look back on my life and wonder what my life would have been like if any of these “what ifs” had come true. What if I could have a “Do Over”? What if I could go back to the time in my life of just graduating high school with all of the knowledge and experience that I have now?   

Such thoughts are pointless and while fun to entertain for a while they are counter-productive. Thinking and wishing to change the past will not affect the future. This is just as bad as “victim mentality” of blaming someone or something else for the state of your life. You shape your life by your choices, period. Both of these thought patterns will avert and divert your attention from the here and now and prevent you from making changes in your life. 

Don’t wish for a “Do Over” instead, chose a “Do Now.” If you don’t like the way your life is heading, make a change. Do something to change your life now, don’t wait. There is never a good or easy time for change. All you have is now, so make that change that you know that you need to make in your life. Do it now, don’t wait.

As for me, I will trudge on and keep going until my bills are paid and I am debt free. It is hard though as the date for Card #3 to be paid off keeps being shoved down the road. It looks as though that I won’t have achieved victory over it until somewhere in either October or November. That is coming close to that two year anniversary of starting this journey, of being an “Urban Nomad.”

I will eventually break the cycle of perpetual debt and “Corporate Indentured Servitude” that such debt really is. I will continue to change and reshape my life. For while my lifestyle is not easy and some say odd, it does help me get ahead. I am always taking one step further towards my ultimate goal of “Financial Independence.” 

Remember, there is no Do Over, only a Do Now!

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