Monday 4 May 2015

Didn’t Move All Weekend

Okay, I moved (barely) but my truck didn’t. I decided to test out a little theory, could I stay in my Western Home all weekend and still get done what I wanted to get done? 

I ran Jenny for three hours Friday night to charge up Wanda’s batteries. Saturday I used the laptop all day to work. I was even able to continue going after the time when, by the afternoon, Wanda’s batteries were too weak to run the inverter. I just then continued to work using the laptop’s internal battery.

I then ran Jenny for three hours that evening and continued to work Sure I took a few breaks here and there throughout the day and even took a nap, or tried to. In truth I didn’t get a lot of work done, but I did rest and relax. That is something, I suppose. I ended up doing a lot of web surfing, played a lot of video games and made a few token attempts at writing.

I was able to do the same trick Sunday to work all day, but then I only ran Jenny for two hours last night and not three. Things were fine for running the laptop this morning and I don’t even expect to run Jenny tonight. 

For me, there is something about going to somewhere to work. Even just going to the library gives me the feeling that this is my office and I have to be productive. I do get more work done in the library but I was able to think through this new chapter that I am writing. 

This morning was different and I was able to make some headway on that chapter. By the time I had to get ready for work this morning I had it mostly done and the final scene is percolating in my head.  
I expect to keep this effort up and write at a steadily increasing pace, being more productive each day from now on. I have done this before and it takes a bit of effort to get going, but I do pick up speed quickly.  I am looking forward to finishing this book and on into completely new territory of book three.

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