Friday 1 May 2015

Striving for Sunrise

For me, today, the first of May is a turning point, one that I have decided to make. I see this as the beginning of the warm season; call it Spring/Summer/Warm Fall, what have you, for me it has arrived. I do plan to enjoy the warmer weather more this year than I did last year. 

I have chosen to make this day the start of a bright future for me, to keep positive as I battle my credit cards. There are still daily challenges and frustrations that are both unique to my lifestyle and common to everyone. It is in the attitude that I chose to approach them which determines their power over me.

One example of this is the fact that this morning my usual spot that I park in while at work was taken up by not one but two vehicles. Not only was the same truck that was there yesterday, still there (in the same spot), but another one was parked behind it. 

For me, due to my size and length, parking is a larger and trickier issue than parking a smart car is. So when my usual spot is taken up, this is a serious problem for me.

Rather than get mad and curse out, or get vindictive, I just parked around the corner in another spot. I was able to find one not too far away, and not too bad. In short, I just dealt with the situation and got done what I needed to. 

I know I will still have my down days (we all do), but I choose to have more up days than down. For if I am angry or miserable, I am the only one forced to live and deal with it . . . and I don’t like being miserable, it serves no purpose.

So I instead choose to focus on the goal that this journey is about: Debt Freedom. For, as I eliminate debt from my life, I increase my amount of freedom and independence. With each dollar of debt eliminated, with each dollar saved, I increase my ability to do what I want, when I want. 

As I go through my daily life and endure the slow process of “Debt-Redemption” that I am going through, I need to keep focussed. I need to keep focused on why I am doing all of this: to get this millstone off of my back. 

This millstone of debt and financial burden has been with me all of my adult life and I just want it off of my back. I don’t want to be tied to a particular job and a small plot of ground until I am of no further use to the working world.

I hope to slowly bring in small niceties and luxuries into my life, over time. As more debt is eliminated and more funds are freed up from my budget, perhaps I can find a small plot to rent and place Wanda on. Perhaps I can buy that smart phone and laptop. 

For now, I need to hunker down and get these cards done, so I can move on to savings and Wanda/Trea debt elimination. Then I will truly be free, with or without winning the lottery or becoming a best-selling author.

So here, appropriately enough is a wonderful sunrise shot. 

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