Wednesday 27 May 2015

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Camping.

I have decided to go camping this weekend, I have reserved my spot and will be at Mclean Creek this weekend. This weekend will give me a chance not only to: get water, dump and charge batteries but some other needed tasks as well. 

I also need to do some minor repairs and cleaning of Wanda. Then there is the necessary task of putting aside what I need to camp out in Trea for the next week or so while Wanda is fixed. Here is hoping it is only for a few days, but we shall see.

I will look for a new place to dump next week or if I get brave tonight, after the rush hour traffic has died down.  One way or another I will find a new place do dump and buy water, of that I am certain.

I have had a few meals from this latest batch of “Taco Filler Stuff” and it is not looking good. Part of the problem of “experimental cooking” that is my style is that sometimes you can end up with stuff that doesn’t turn out. I mean, usually I pull it off and it tastes okay, but this batch just tastes off. 

It is not spoiled or “turned bad” but the flavours didn’t blend well and there are too many beans in it. This has resulted in a hash taste and giving it a hard paste-like consistency that doesn’t cook nicely. I will see how I feel after a few more days, but it looks like this batch will not survive. 

I have food so I will survive, that is certain, as always, we: live, learn and move on. 

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