Tuesday 26 May 2015

Another Day, Another Challenge

I saw it and I sighed. I grumbled (in my head) and shook my head as I stood there and read the simple sign. It politely said that there would be no water at this RV Dump Station due to an underground pipe crack. 

The added bit of “niceness” was that I found this lovely bit of news out as I was patronizing their business by buying propane there last night. (They are the cheapest around, so I still will.)

The way the sign was written indicated or hinted that they were not going to fix it. After all why should they? If they fix it, it will cost them money by giving people water when they dump their tanks. As it is now, they can just sit there and take the money (same price) for just for letting people dump their tanks. 

This is the station that I have been waiting months for them to turn their water back on, only to find out that they weren’t going to do that. Now I need to find another RV Dump Station, with potable water, and soon.

This is going to be challenging as there seems to be very few RV Dump Stations in Calgary and none in my area of the city. Again, I don’t just need a place to dump my tanks but fill up my fresh water tank as well. As with all challenges that I face I will figure this one out and find a solution to it. After all, this is what I do. 

On a happy note, the large payment on Card #1 went through and so I paid it off again. The bounce was not much, just shy of $15.00 . . . I think I can handle that. So now I officially have only one Credit Card to go, the dreaded and dastardly Card #3. 

Well, that is until I get the bill for fixing Wanda, and the guy who hit me somehow can’t pay. A crowdfunding campaign would hot right about now . . . (I won’t hold my breath).

One challenge at a time, first find a new RV Dump Station, then fix Wanda then pay off Card #3. Onward and upward to victory over debt!

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