Thursday 7 May 2015

Time Marches On

With the election business behind me I can focus on the day to day tasks of tending to my own patch of troubles. I will talk to Elections Canada at some point to see what they have to say about my eligibility to vote in the upcoming federal election. I don’t want to lie or deceive them by using a creative way to disguise my PO Box address. I want to vote, as I am, as me: honestly.

For now, since it is payday, it is time to enact my latest budget and carry on. Tight and stringent budgets are somewhat normal for me, so I am used to living on little. The extra little bit of cash that I squeeze out of a budget goes to pay down bills and debts. Slowly and surely I will get these debts paid off and have my freedom. 

As I look over my space and what I can put where, I keep coming up to a conclusion that I don’t like, yet seems inevitable. I don’t have the space for my bike. All winter it has been in the back of work and just sitting there. Each time I pass it by I feel a little guilty that it is there and frustrated that I don’t have it with me. 

I will most likely give the bike to charity and at some time in the future, when I have the space, I will buy another one. I know that I probably could find a way to partially disassemble it and cram it in a corner of the back of the truck. Then it would not be readily available to be used and therefore dead weight. Even worse it would be in the way when I climb into the back of the truck to run Jenny. 

I am not ready to buy that bike rack for the back of Wanda just yet, so the only choice is to get rid of it. I can and will have another one, when I have the space . . . perhaps that one will actually shift gears reliably (don’t get me started).

I am looking forward to next weekend and camping in Banff for the May Long Weekend. This means that I will have full hookups and yes water in my main tank. It also means that I should be able to buy water when I pay to dump my tanks. Things are steadily looking up for me, it is all in how you look at them, and yes . . . time marches on, and steadily away from the problems and mistakes of the past.

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