Monday 25 May 2015

A Good Weekend

I did get my test letter on Friday, so that meant that I changed my address on my Driver’s License and registration over. Happily, it didn’t cost as much as I thought it might. Filling up my fuel tank on the other hand cost slightly more that I had hoped it might. 

So that meant that Friday was a busy afternoon for me, with a bit of extra running around. I did go grocery shopping for my new batch of taco, filler . . . stuff. This batch turned out more of a solid and paste consistency which means it is more filling and ‘stick to your ribs’ but it also means that it is harder to cook and deal with when frying in the pan. 

Again this batch should last me at least two months, I looked back in the blog but haven’t been able to see the date that I cooked the last batch.

As far as the bills are concerned I did go with the option number three, so I finally have a bit of a contingency fund. It is also good to see that Card #1 and Card #2 are back down to zero. Well, there was a bit of bounce on Card #1 that I need to take care of this week. 

Literally the same day that I paid it off to nothing, a few hours later there were the interest charges and other monthly charges (that you get when you carry a balance). So when the large payment actually hits the card I will then pay it off again (it is like $30.00).

I filled my fresh water tank with my blue jug and this went really well with the help of my little table.

I was able to pour the smaller bottles into the blue jug and so this again. I didn’t bother to pour the other large jug into the main tank, as I am still somewhere near full. Later this week I will pour that water into the tank. If I am conservative I should be able to stretch out the need to dump and fill until next week. This is good, as I would like to dump just before Wanda goes into service next week, on third.

I did go for a few walks and tried to keep active but I did no writing at all. Even this morning I didn’t do any writing. For now, book two is still paused, and this is frustrating to me. I need to force myself to write and get this book moving forward again.

I have achieved victory over two of my three cards (again) and that is something to celebrate. 

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