Monday 11 May 2015

I Got Invaded Over the Weekend

Yes, my plans were thrown awry after my home was invaded by two savage beasts . . . .

Indeed, my life was never the same and certainly I didn’t get what I wanted to get done, as life seemed to revolve around these two furry balls of fury. 

The thing I learned is that little dogs 1) have bladders the size of a pea and 2) have no interest in learning how to use a toilet . . . they didn’t even try. So going for walks was a somewhat regular thing.

Why was I overrun by these two? A friend of mine was coming into town and needed a place to keep the dogs for the weekend. They were going to heritage park and didn’t think they would do well with all of those people there. You see, when you are a little dog, the world is awash of feet . . . feet which step on and kick you. So you get a bit jittery in public.

The upside of this is that I did go for walks on a regular basis this weekend. The downside is that I went for a walk before I even had my coffee . . . . (small and bursting  bladders won out over caffeine need). While they were a welcome addition and were good houseguests, they were atrocious for productivity.

They were much calmer and more relaxed than they were the last time I saw them, and that is good. The funniest part is that once the day was done, on Saturday my friend brought their family around, and I had my excuse to BBQ . . . 

Yes, folks, I finally fired up the BBQ in the Walmart parking lot! (Yes that is the awning deployed too). You see, someone (online) had complained that other people had done this in their local Walmart so I took that as a dare. 

It was a good visit and a much needed relaxing weekend. This upcoming weekend will be delightful as I will be in Banff, relaxing and playing tourist. I will get back to the grind and continue working on Book Two. 

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