Thursday 14 May 2015

So . . . I Found my Wallet Yesterday

I love my country . . . I really do. Why? Well for a thousand reasons, but today it is because my wallet was turned in.  Yep, my wallet was found and turned in and not a thing in it was touched. 

Where was it? Well, it was in the first place I looked after I realized that I didn’t have my main wallet, the trouble was that I was a moment too late to find it. What happened is that I emptied my shopping cart of groceries but left my wallet in the shopping cart. 

The next person who came to go shopping found my wallet in what was now their shopping cart. What did they do? They turned it in after they had finished their shopping. Think about that . . . some person (a man, apparently) went shopping with my wallet and didn’t use anything from it. 

Let’s face it, he could have bought fifty bucks of groceries for free . . . on me (using that tap function). Come to think of it he could have bought $150.00 ($50.00 on each card). He could have taken it home and done various nasty things with it. Such as: fraud, identify theft or any one of those nightmarish scenarios that we hear about all the time. Instead this nice person turned the wallet in. 

As I was signing the lost and found book I was heartened to see that there was another wallet (a woman’s wallet) that had also been lost . . . so it wasn’t just me being forgetful. 

So what does this mean for my address change? Well, I am still going to do it. By the time I had checked at the grocery store to see if the wallet had turned up after all, I had already gotten my new mail box. I went to my local branch of The UPS Store and got one there.

While I am not one to flog products I feel they need a mention, as I was impressed by what I found there. The friendly lady helped me sign up with no problem and the address does seem to be nondescript and not scream PO Box, so that is good. 

A few businesses use The UPS Store’s address as their business address: such as renovation companies or those working from home. Apparently this is a way to keep your privacy and prevent people dropping by your house unexpected, expecting to do business. 

Sure you can ship things via UPS and they do have printing and copying services. For me it was the fact that she seemed to genuinely be interested in customer service and the fact that they will forward my mail to wherever I need them to . . . anywhere in the world (for free). 

The downside is they were more expensive than the post office, by almost double, so that is a reason to pause, but for me it is worth it. I will get my cards changed over when I get paid, as I don’t need to do it right away, as I have my cards back. 

What I will do is start to update my address on all of my various cards and creditors.  Slowly I will ensure that all of my mail will go to this new mail box and not my old one. In December I will just not renew the Post Office Box. 

So all is well that ends well in this adventure, now to focus on shrinking down and splitting up my main wallet and organize my growing collection of keys. As well, I am looking forward to the long weekend in Banff (jealous?).

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