Wednesday 20 May 2015

Organizing and Backing Up

Two of the things I did this weekend was to organize my wallet and organize my keys. 

With the keys I decided to make sure that I had duplicate sets for all of my keys and lock one set in my firesafe. That way if I lose any sets, I know that I have a backup set in a safe place. 

To organize my keys I bought these ID tag key rings that you can get at a stationary store. With a clear label you don’t have to guess which key is which. 

The extra set of the “Hitch & Tools” set is in the glove box of the truck so that I can always access my tools (located in the back of the truck) or disconnect the hitch assembly from the truck (that thing with the ball).

The grouping of keys up top are the forlorn keys, the ones that I have no idea where they go to, yet somehow can't bring myself to throw away keys, lest I find the lock that they go to and thus need them.

A simple and organized key rack, with keys at the ready.

Here are the set of backup keys ready to go into the firesafe yet not take it over. 

Organizing my keys this way makes sense to me because my home is always with me. What that means is that I don’t need to carry around a large ball of keys (as I have done in years gone by). I have my keys hanging on hooks just inside the door ready to go. I only take the keys that I need at the time then put them back.

With the wallet I did just strip out the key items that I will need on a regular basis: my debit and credit cards, my Costco card (for fuel), and my rewards card for buying propane and dumping. Those I put in a slim “Card only wallet” and the other cards I put in what was my old main wallet.  

I still keep all wallets locked away in the fire safe unless I need any of them at the moment, then back they go. Again, this is not only to prevent impulse spending but because my home is always with me. 

I was going to put a photo of my wallet up here but that seemed unwise with my bank card and Driver's Licence visible.

It is an odd thing to get used to, always having your home with you but it has its advantages. For one, I never pack for trips, I just go. When I grocery shop, sometimes I don’t even bother with the grocery bags, as I push the cart to my front door and unload.  

During a road trip, if I need to stop to use the washroom or grab a bite, I can pull over and do that. As well, if I need to change, clothes are always at the ready. 

Two of the keys to success in this lifestyle lies in only keeping what you need, and being organized. That and yes keeping calm and dealing with problems and challenges as they arise. 

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