Wednesday 13 May 2015

So . . . I Lost my Wallet Yesterday

No, it wasn’t one of the ones I could stand to lose, like my groceries wallet or my utilities wallet. No, it was my main wallet, the one with all of my ID in it. I already took care of cancelling and reordering my debit card and credit cards. These days they give you a new debit card right away. 

Where did I lose it? In the grocery store, and no, I didn’t find it nor did anyone turn it in. I will check today after work to see if it somehow turned up.  

So now comes the fun part of getting all of those cards replaced, you know, driver’s licence, Costco card, AMA card to name a few. So this got me thinking, perhaps now would be the time to change my address. 

This way if someone with nefarious purposes did pick up my wallet, all of my information will be wrong. Also it may help me vote federally. So I will try to get a different mail box (not a Post office box) and just change my address on everything, including that driver’s license I have to replace anyway.  

Sure this will mean me checking two mail office boxes, for the rest of the year, but it will be worth it.  It will be interesting to see if I can get a mail box, as the only ID I have now is my birth certificate and my change of name. (My new debit card doesn’t have my name on it). 

The trouble came with me carrying two wallets into the store to buy groceries and water. My main wallet has my ID as well as my bank /credit cards, and my groceries wallet had my groceries cash. As you might expect, I brought the groceries wallet in to pay for said groceries. I brought my main wallet in, however, just in case I went over budget and needed to pay the difference for the groceries with my debit card.

I try not to freak out or panic, as I have a credit watching service to keep an eye on things if someone tries to steal my identity. I am still recovering, so there isn’t much anyone can do with my info, but there is still a risk. I will focus on dealing with this situation and moving on from here. 

Yes, after all of my cards are replaced I fully expect to find that said wallet had just fallen into some obscure hiding spot in Wanda. From now on I will get a smaller, thinner wallet for just the essential cards that I would need to carry with me. I will keep another one to hold the more important cards and keep that in the fire safe.


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