Friday 15 May 2015

Run To The Hills!

To be clear you don’t have to run to the hills; as far as I know the Zombie-Apocalypse hasn’t started. Today is the day however that I rush to Banff National Park for the long weekend. 

I will also enjoy having water, if at least for the weekend. I will see tonight if my water pump survived and is still working. One thing at a time, one challenge at a time; first get through the day, then go to Banff and setup, and then try to get my water pump working.

I will also try to spend a bit more time exploring Banff and see about getting up Sulphur Mountain, as the views up there are amazing and well worth the money to ride the gondola. 

This all hinges on the weather of course as it looks to be a bit gloomy for at least part of the weekend. I have my Wanda and the weekend is paid for, as well, I get power and water . . . I will be fine no matter what happens. I should have some interesting pictures when I get back on Tuesday.

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