Wednesday 1 April 2015

The Never-Ending Monday

I swear this week is the longest yet. Short weeks, where you get Monday off are cool, they go fast. This week, where you know that you get Friday off, seems to go slower. I swear it is still Monday and I am staring down that long week till Friday . . . Argh!

I know, intellectually that it is just today and tomorrow to go through until I will be rolling towards that campsite and a measure of civilization: Power, Water and Sewer! Yay. 

I will still see how things look weatherise before de-winterizing, but I will go to the campsite regardless; I have made this reservation after all.  I will also bring my bike along and go for some sort of a bike ride out there and try to find it a home, after getting rid of yet more stuff. 

Since today is April 1st and “April Fool’s Day”, I thought of coming out with some sort of shocking and bizarre announcement (I’m really a Werewolf), only to say “April Fools!”  Seriously, who would believe anything shocking and bizarre today? 

All and all, though, this week has not really been a “never ending cycle of Monday’s.” The week has been good, just a bit slow for my tastes.  

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