Thursday 9 April 2015

Happily Broke Again

I know that sounds like an odd thing to say but you see, to me, having a little bit in my main account means that I am broke. To be below zero, in the overdraft, means that I am beyond broke . . . so broke I don’t even have a word for it. 

(Let me know your suggestions for a word to describe such a condition of brokenness). 

So for me, the fact that I have (or will once my automatic payments come out) just over $30.00 in the account is good news. 

My next financial goal is to stay out of the overdraft between now and my next payday. (Meaning: Don’t spend a bloody dime!) Then, since I am budgeting what to do with each paycheque, I will (in theory) stay out of the overdraft from now on. As I have said before, I will try to trickle save and keep money in the main account and keep moving away from zero . . . to the positive. 

As far as Card #1 is concerned it is sitting around $1400.00. I have tried to rework my budget so I can pay it off completely this upcoming payday, but no, I can’t. Well, not unless I have a minor crowdfunding campaign of $400. 00 (let me know if you want to contribute). Ah well, I can wait until the 7th of May payday to kill it off, yet still, it would be nice to do so this month.  

For me, it is just nice to be able to use all of Wanda’s systems again and know that the weather is steadily getting warmer. Of course it can still dip below zero for a night or two, but I know how to handle them . . . I think. I can handle being in Wanda at -30C, that isn’t the problem, it is Wanda’s plumbing and the water pump, that is the concern. 

So, for now I will continue to hunker down, be thrifty, and make it to next payday. Things are steadily getting better and slowly my financial condition is improving. A lottery win would be nice and a quick way to get out of this mess, but that would cheat me of my hard earned victory . . . of earning my way out. 

I need to learn to budget and stick to that budget. Not only that, but I need to learn how to not only live within my means but thrive within them. This is the trick to financial security and financial independence. You are not as trapped in your cycle of poverty as you think, regardless of how little you have. As The Eagle’s song goes “Sometimes we live our lives in chains, never knowing that we had the key.”

Now, for no reason other than it looked nice, here is your sunrise shot.

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