Tuesday 21 April 2015

Anticipation of Payday

Okay, unless I do something silly tonight and tomorrow I will have made it to payday and stayed out of the overdraft, so, that goal is reached. Yet it will not be official until the evening of the 22nd (as in when I deposit my paycheck in the bank).

So the next goal, and while doable is a bit ambitious, is to pay off Card #1 completely between this paycheque and the next one (on the 7th). It looks like that will be the case which will open up the May 22nd paycheque to plunk my first big chunk on Card #3.

Again, we shall see how this unfolds as time passes, but at least that is the plan. One thing is for sure, I will stay out of the overdraft and stay off of Card #1. How? I will fully fund my two key wallets (Groceries and Utilities) and put a bit aside for spending for me. That way when I need a bit of groceries or propane, I can just get it and not worry. As well it will keep Card #1, and Card #2 on the sidelines. 

With Card #1 (and Card #2) completely done, this will mean that all of the extra bits of cash I find here and there can go on Card #3. Here’s hoping that I can actually make that July 22 deadline I had set for myself to be credit card debt free (without a telethon). 

There is still the looming date for Wanda to get fixed and the associated bill. As well my budgeting is based on the assumption that the guy who hit me will pay me what he said, when we agreed . . . the first of June. I try to keep the cynical thoughts out of my mind and just press ahead. Whatever happens, I will keep going and deal with whatever comes.

Again, for my favourite reason, (just because it looked good) here are your sunrise shots.

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