Monday 13 April 2015

Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop For Me

As of Thursday, I have decided to not to take water from work anymore. Since work pays for water, and as a business, pays much more for water, I decided that it isn’t fair. As well, I don’t want to risk running up work’s water bill and therefore pissing off my work’s landlord. (Again, this is one of those don’t sh*t where you eat, kinda things).

So that means that I need to find a new source of water. I bought a bit of flexible plastic tubing which will fit into the opening of my two litre bottles and that I have crammed a funnel into one end. This will allow me to fill my bottles from any sink.

Now, just to find said sink; one which I can have regular access too. I know that I could just go into any business and fill up my bottles in the bathroom. It would be best to find a bathroom where you have the whole bathroom to yourself and can lock the door. These types of bathrooms, however, are typically located in smaller business, and therefore to use them in this way would be the same as stealing water from work: unfair. 

It is for that reason that I decided to try to find a park with a similar type bathroom or water fountain. I will say this, parks in this city are not designed to allow you to bring large vehicles; parking was atrocious  . . . for me.  The other thing was that I mostly found just pit toilets, if at all. I couldn’t find any fountains at all. I will keep looking for that elusive public water source not far from work. 

This winter has taught me how to conserve water though, and that is a handy skill. Sure I am still having my showers and using water, but I am being very conservative with its use. I hope to be able to stretch the water I have out until I can find a permanent solution to this. 

I know that come the May Long Weekend (May 15 – 18) the water at my usual RV dump station will be turned on, so the problem will be solved. The trick, the challenge, is to figure this out now, so as to know what to do next winter. I know that for certain, I will not take water from work again.

Speaking of the May Long Weekend, I have reserved my camping site and even then it was a tough go. I didn’t get the spot where I had thought of going (Waterton Lakes) so I reserved a full hookup spot at Banff.  I may or may not go to McLean Creek between now and then, I am not sure. 

The reason is that I still have more stuff to sort through and dispose of and it is nicer to do so at a campsite rather than in a parking lot. This means spending money though and so I will hold off as long as I can. I know that at least, at any campsite I can get access to water, as in the RV dump station. 

An interesting thing happened this weekend, on a whim I checked my credit score and report. My score is up, better than I had expected. While that is nice, it is not really a surprise. I have always been paying my bills. I have paid everyone else’s bills, but never my own. I have always neglected myself and always paid everyone else, always looked after others and ignored me. 

This journey of being an Urban Nomad is about finally getting around to pay myself. I even thought of how nice it would be to be finally paid off (cards, Truck, Trailer) and have a large amount of savings in the bank. Then I could travel where I liked, when I liked, and even pick up casual work now and again, for fun and money.  A nice thought of freedom and adventure (would be better with a woman with me).

The other odd thing was that Card #3 is not showing up on the credit report. I guess is that it is so long dead that it is not considered “credit.” I can’t charge anything up on it, but I am still paying interest on it and still responsible to pay it off. So that little bump of a missed payment on it didn’t show up on the credit report at all . . . odd.

What this means is that credit-wise I could easily refinance my Wanda and Trea loans and roll them into one, ramp up the payments and pay them off faster, starting now. That would be silly, as the point of the low payments on Wanda was to allow me to pay off all of my credit cards, including the dreaded and dastardly Card #3.

If things keep going as they are (LOL) then I will pay them off by August or September. Then I can refinance things and focus equally on paying my last two loans off while saving like mad. 

Just because it was spectacular this morning, here is your sunrise shot.

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