Friday 10 April 2015

The Odd Routines of Necessity

Routines, we all have them; those little rituals we go through on a daily basis. I have them too, some of them you will be able to relate to: making my lunch, boiling the water for my morning oatmeal, etc.

Then there are the others which you may not relate to, yet are second nature to me. Turning on my hot water tank and water pump fifteen minutes or so before my shower. Checking the weather report before bed to decide if the temperature will dip below zero, so as to necessitate keeping my furnace on for the night to ensure my water pump and lines won’t freeze. 

I change into my thermal undies and works socks in the evening to stay warm as I laze around my trailer and in bed at night. Not to forget moving the water jug and tub of stuff out of the bathtub before my shower and then putting it back into the bathtub afterwards. Who could forget pulling my stock pot out of my coats’ closet before I use it, (as that is the only storage space I have that is large enough to house it).

Then there is taking a last look around my house before I drive anywhere, so as to ensure that nothing will flop over or spill about as I drive. Of course you always put stuff that you don’t want to fly about your house on the bed before you drive, right? This is handy for such items like the: Laptop, lunchbag, filled water bottles (you carry bottles of water home from work too, right?).

Last, but not least there is flipping my dining room table upside-down on my couch and securing it with a strap before I drive anywhere. 

All of these little routines seem normal to me yet to others who see them for the first time, it boggles their mind. Just like when I explain my lifestyle to people, they look at me as if I am nuts. I then likewise look at them and think they are nuts for spending 60% of their net income renting some cubbyhole while wallowing in debt and bemoaning about it. 

‘Normal’ really is relative, and we really are the Master (Or Mistress) of our own destinies. My routines may seem odd and sleeping in a trailer that I park on the side of the road or in parking lots may seem nuts, but I am getting ahead by doing so. Come September at the latest, I will be credit card debt free, and that is not nothing, and certainly worth my odd routines. 

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